Welcome 2018! What’s cooking?

Fabulae Dramatis at Durango SessionsHi dear readers and listeners!

We’re happy to welcome this 2018 with a lot of changes since our release concert on 30th September 2017.
We already had our first live session and interview of the year on 9th January during the Durango Sessions of Radio Benelux. Thanks to Marc Haselaars for the invitation and the warm welcome, by the way!
Teo drums2-2During that session we officially presented our new drummer, Teo (Todor) whom we met during one of our rehearsals. It’s quite a nice story, and you might find out more about it by clicking on this link of the Benelux Radio interview.

We are very happy to have found him and to continue our growing process with him. We created a very special conexion with Teo since he joined us because it happened in a very spontaneous and friendly way. He’s our “cookie monster” as you might see on the picture and by the way, it’s not only because of his T-shirt. He’s a beast on the drums with a gentle heart. Here you have his own words:

The Cookie Monster (Teo)Teo:
“Hi guys, my name is Todor (Teo) Dimitrov and I was born in Bulgaria but I have been living in Belgium for sixteen years now. I play drums since I’m 16 years old, but seriously from around 2013. My influences are Dream Theater, Sepultura (old one), Metallica, Pantera, Machinehead, Deep Purple, Megadeth and mostly Tool. I am also listening to a lot of jazz, fusion and folklore music. I’ve played drums for the bands “Intro” a rock band from Bulgaria, “Taaloor”, a rock band from Belgium and since 2014 I play for “BicepHalous” a metal band I co-founded.
I’m very excited to have met Fabulae Dramatis. Their style and the intricate parts from almost all their songs are challenging for me and I’m really happy that I have the chance to learn and play such amazing music!”
So, in order to become a live band, we learned how to complement each other, since we had plenty of instruments and voices that were performed by guest musicians in our studio album. We made the live transition process happen  and we embraced some necessary changes. First of all we needed to find a fixed drummer, since Sepp Coeck was playing with us only for sessions. As you might have noticed, Isabel makes the growling voices, sings some Isadora’s lines, plays saxophone and djembe live. Hamlet sings some harsh/growling voices as well. In that way we managed to replace Wesley and Isadora’s absence. The fact is that our dear Wesley has a busy artistic and personal life and Isadora lives too far from us (Norway). So she will sing with us sporadically as a guest singer.
We have a lot of good plans for this year and we hope we can continue offering you gigs and sharing our music with you. Keep tuned and thanks for following us!



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