Welcome to the ‘darkside’, we have cookies! (Guest musicians introduction)

Hi, dear Fabulae Dramatis listeners!

“Welcome to the ‘darkside’, we have cookies!”…

This is what our Isadora Cortina told me when I gave her the names of our new guest musicians. I found this quote very funny and I couldn’t stop laughing. In sort way ’cause it’s true.  I remember that we actually  have cookies most of the times and some other delicious food and snacks during our rehearsing or composition sessions. So that we make our guests and ourselves feel good in this creation process. This is our hobby and we really enjoy making music . That’s why we want you to follow this process from our perspective… so here you have some news about the upcoming album. (Isabel Restrepo).

Our second music album is getting defined in the process. As you know from the first album “Om”, we love to experiment and to search  new fresh perspectives. That’s why we are constantly looking for new guest musicians who like to share their sound with us in order to make a total different piece of music together.

We officially announce some of the guest musicians for the upcoming album (in order of appereance):

Billy Mickelson, cello.

Loni Cornelis, violin.


Veerle Hemerlyck, flute.



Christophe Lardinois, orbi.






We thank also the help of Christopher Vigre, Isadora’s husband, who is making the arragements for drums and recording the demo versions in Norway.

Those are the versions that a drummer here in Belgium is going to follow when we enter  studio.

We are looking forward to bring you more news about this creative process that promisses to be professionally produced and directly from our heart!

Fabulae Dramatis.