The composition process has begun!

Hi there!

It’s been a while since we published some news on this page.

Two years ago we released our first album named “Om”. It was a  delightful experience and it was definitely the best way to learn.

Fabulae Dramatis is currently in composition process. Our dear guest musician, Isadora Cortina, singer song-writer from Ancestral Legacy makes this time part of our songwriting  team.

We have great plans for this new upcoming album, new interesting and talented guest musicians and a lot of motivation!

The same philosophy still rules this project: “anthropocentric fables to soothe your mind”. An ode to human cultural expression under a smooth Avant-Garde/Progressive skin.

Time is our biggest enemy and that’s why we don’t dare to give a final release date but we hope we can offer some fresh notes to you the forthcoming months.