“A sigh it’s enough to produce a syllabe, a slightly breath to devise a music note.

Airstream can even shape glass, or convert itself in hurricane.”

“Sirius Wind” – Fabulae Dramatis.



Eclectic, diverse and open-minded. We love to push our boundaries and try to look beyond the music genres and cultures. 

We founded Fabulae Dramatis in 2011 in Antwerp, Belgium. Kind of by casuality and letting the creativity follow its own path.  “Om” was the first syllabe to be pronounced by then. It sounded like different type of voices, acoustic, ethnical and electric instruments. It brought classical remembrances and sharp-strings-like melodies and noises.

Solar Time’s Fables arises now, enunciating something more than a syllabe, telling diverse human stories in its best language. Music.      —Read more

Photography by Liliane Eliaerts.