Studio Report # 2

Welcome to our studio report number 2!

Group 1After our second day of recording we already feel at home at High Lake Hill Studio. Our second musical work elucidates its forms, characters and “elements” through the voices and the ethnic instruments that we recorded.

In this phase we achieved the first part of the album and we can’t wait to record some growlings with Thomas Hubert, our new drummer and some guest musicians (we’ll reveal their names soon)…


This is also rich in different styles of voices, as usual. Isabel Restrepo, Isadora Cortina and Hamlet recorded  on the 4th of April 2015 four songs. Everyone of them contribute to the album’s character in a distinctive way. Thomas Hubert will also record growling voices later this year.



We love to experiment and try to stay creative and innovative. This material is definitely different from our debut  “Om”, but we should warn you to be open-minded, ’cause you might find nice surprises, or at least, we hope so.

Stay in touch for more news about the making of Fabulae Dramatis’ second record.

Check out more pictures of the second recording sessions hier.



Special thanks to Mariya Frantseva for the group photoshoot. She has been supporting Fabulae Dramatis since the very beginning of this adventure.

Fabulae dramatis