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The City (Translucent)

Look at me

I’m here in front of you

Transmuting from inside my body into a new skin

It has no color, no taste, no face at all!

Perfect reflection, exposing your toxical waste.

Lonely faces crawling on the streets

Those who you and me forgot to greet

Wandering through this house of glass

Where we all are avoid.

No eyes look into my mirror

Where reflection has no name

Deny, walk by, don’t look back

Mimicry to survive.

Translucid is the color you recognize!

Until we disappear

Talk to me

Before The City Breakdown

Translucid walls, with a thousand eyes

Pedestrian’s march on the path of their mechanical waste.

(The) architect of solitude

Designed a place to rest and find neglect

Enclose yourself and embrace the cage

Cause your wings don’t fly today. 

Strange fruits blooming from the walls

Attraction for blind eyeballs to dance

Enchanting theatre act to pretend to watch.

Look at me

I’m here in front of you

The metamorphosis of this world has just begun

Wear denial as a dress, color of the air

It matches your common sense

Look now it’s your new true self. 

Transparent, transparent, transparent…

Lyrics by Isabel Restrepo 

Music by Fabulae Dramatis