Teo drumsTeo Dimitrov – Drums 

Teo (Todor) Dimitrov was born in Bulgaria but has been living in Belgium for sixteen years now. He plays drums since he’s 16 years old. His influences are Dream Theater, Sepultura, Metallica, Pantera, Machinehead, Deep Purple, Megadeth and mostly Tool.

He loves to listen to a lot of jazz, fusion and folklore music. Teo has played drums for the bands “Intro” a rock band from Bulgaria, “Taaloor”, a rock band from Belgium and since 2014 he plays for “BicepHalous” a metal band he co-founded.

Since november 2017 he plays in Fabulae Dramatis. What he loves Fabulae Dramatis’ style and the intricate parts from almost all the songs because they are challenging.

Photography by Liliane Eliaerts.