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Solar Times Fables “Solar Time’s Fables”



Solar Time’s Fables line up:

Isabel Restrepo: voice, sitar, harmonium, programming, keys, lyrics and composition.

Daniel Díaz: guitar, bass and composition

Hamlet: bass, voice, programming keys, lyrics and composition

Isadora Cortina: voice, programming, keys and composition

Maxime Moreira: drums

Wesley Beernaert: harsh, clean voices and lyrics.

Guest musicians:

Christhope Lardinois: orbi, djembe and saxophone

Billy Mickelson: cello

Veerle Hemeryck: western concert flute

Loni Cornelis: violin

Andrés Camilo Silva: piano, programming and arrangements

Bram van Weverberg: accordion.

Visual art

Cover album by Marcela Bolívar

Logo and booklet design by Carlos Jácome

Booklet photography by Mariya Frantseva

Cover and logo concept by Isabel Restrepo

Model Isabel Restrepo