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Fables short film serie

 Presenting you \”The Water Creature\” and \”The Ahuirán\’s Shaman\”.  Episodes of our new short film serie based on fables.

 Watch also our first videoclip \”Agni\’s Dynasty\”. Enjoy  these short stories taken from our second album \”Solar Time\’s Fables.

Every teardrop, every fountain, all the beasts emerge from rain. The water creature resides inside of a drop of water where she apparently lives a pleasant life… Until the storm approaches and agitates the calm of her realm. Then she dares to escape and break free.

Agni, the Hindu deity represents the fire  and energy. He rides a goat that is his faithful servant  and which represents earth\’s power.  Both symbolize the fire\’s duality. Warmth and destruction, fighting with each other until they melt into one being.


The Ahuirán\’s Shaman smokes the clouds to make them rain. Enough rain for his field means enough food for his tribe and therefore, peace. So he climbs the tree in order to get closer to the sky…