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“Om” – 2012


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Om’s line up:

Isabel Restrepo: voice, sitar, harmonium and composition

 Hamlet: voice, bass, guitar, keys, programming and composition

 Daniel Díaz Ordoñez: guitar and composition

Guest musicians

Andrés Silva: piano, programming and arrangements

 Juan Robles (Dark Angeluz): drums

Steve Vanderperren: drums

Erik Vochten: spoken voice

Janina Stork: spoken voice

 Isadora Cortina: voice

 Thomas Hubert: growling voice

Bolorchuluu: ethic voice

 Dimitri Boyd: Vietnamese jaw harp

 Nick G. Coward: voice

 David Rivera: electric violin

Juan Carlos Henao: growling voice

Visual art:

Cover album by Marcela Bolívar

Logo and booklet desing by Carlos Jácome

Booklet photography by Mariya Frantseva

Cover and logo concept by Isabel Restrepo

Model Isabel Restrepo